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What Is Access Control? 

Access control is the regulatory system that manages the access into a building. It is a key component to a business’s long-term success when it comes to security, confidentiality, risk management, inventory and employee tracking, and more! Find out if your business is eligible for an access control system, and how you can get your own access control system today with JTL Security!

What’s In It For Me?

Controlled Access to Secure Areas

Ensure that restricted areas cannot be accessed by unwanted personnel or third-party devices with our highly encrypted security technology.

Simplified Access Management

Gone are the days of manually entering access codes. With our services, you can add, remove, change, or set temporary access codes, as well as lock and unlock doors remotely using the app or website.

Real-time Notifications

See who is accessing what from anywhere at any time with live alerts and notifications.

Keyless Entry & Access

Swipe in with your mobile phone instead of separate badges or keyfobs, set automation rules to control the alarm and other related devices such as lights or thermostats when people scan in or out, and monitor the specifics of access within your business from any location using the app or website.

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