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Home Automation

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The all-in-one solution to home management. Using smart security technology and the fully integrated platform, controlling devices, setting schedules, and managing your home has never been easier.

Lights off, Locks on

Automatically arm your system before you go to sleep at night, and disarm your system when you wake up in the morning with the help of smart arming technology.

Automatic Light & Temperature Control

Avoid unnecessary energy expenditure with automated lights and temperature control. 

Customizable Schedules

Create the rules, set what you’d like, let your smart home security system do the rest.

Remote Access & Control

Is the garage door open? Was the light still on in the kitchen? Is the front door unlocked? Check up on the current state of your home using your phone or mobile device. Control your smart locks, lights, doors, thermostats, etc., wherever, whenever.

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