Smart Home & Business Security

Commercial Video Surveillance

Commercial Security – Security System in Edmonton, Alberta

Get a better view of the situation with 24/7 video surveillance. Our cloud-based storage and smart analytic system powered by makes managing, reviewing, sharing, and storing video clips easy and efficient.

Business Activity and Analytics

Effectively manage your business operations with the help of video analytics. Get insights into important business information such as customer flow, queue monitoring, occupancy tracking, and heat mapping hotspots.

Real-time Video Alerts & Notifications

Stay updated at all times with highly accurate video detection and notifications. Keep up with what goes on during and after hours to protect the safety of your customers, employees and property.

Smart Video Timestamping

Why search for a needle in a haystack? Easily see, review, and verify the important events that happen within your business with the help of automatic clipping and timestamping.

Secured Cloud Video Storage

Automatically store video in a highly encrypted cloud-based storage that is easy for you to access from remote locations.

Watch from Anywhere

Check up on your business at any time by accessing the 24/7 video surveillance footage from your phone, tablet, or computer. Review activity notifications, verify whether alerts are emergencies or false alarms, and look into the current activities within your business.

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